Top Tips #3 Don’t write & edit at the same time!

When you’re writing, it can be easy to lose the flow of your ideas if you forget the word for something, or make errors and go back over what you’ve already written to edit as you spot them.

As a personal example, I will always remember completely forgetting the word “rehearsal” in a piece of creative writing for my GCSE English work; what I should have done is quickly write “when you’re practising the play and working out what to do on stage” as an aide memoire and gone back to it later, or asked someone, or left a big gap for the word. What I did do was write “audition” in its place and then forgot to go back and handed it in. Don’t let that happen to you!  Find a way to highlight to yourself that certain phrases or words will need attention at the editing stage, and try to keep your writing separate from your editing.


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