Top tips #4 Do a warm up

Seeing that blank page ahead of you can be really daunting when you’re planning on writing. With acaemic writing, having a structure can really help avoid this (see Top tip #1) but sometimes you still don’t really know where to begin.


As with exercising, sometimes you need to flex your muscles and do a warm up to really get going on your writing. This could be by a stream of consciousness style of writing, just getting anything out onto the page; or “nutshelling” your project, writing about what you’re going to write about. Imagine you’re sending a letter to one of Bertie Wooster’s favourite aunts and explaining the work you’re planning to undertake. It can be conversational, as though you’re telling the person sat next to you on the bus. Anything to get those synapses firing and your words flowing onto the page.


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