Top tips #7: Follow the instructions to authors

Each journal will have a section on its home page for “Instructions to authors”. These are there to help you as a potential author understand what the editor is looking for, and to get your work published.

There should be an indication of the types of research that the journal is aiming to publish, and also expectations of word length. There should also be details on the house style of the journal, for example, whether the active (We did…) or passive (the research done was…) voice is preferred.

Following the instructions to authors with care will lead to a greater chance of getting your work into print, and avoid your work being rejected at the first stage in the process.


Writing for Publication workshop 27th February 2017

If you’re struggling to get started on your writing, whether it’s for a research paper or assignment, consider booking onto our Writing for Publication workshop on 27th February. The workshop will take place 10am-12pm on the Odames Library Training Room and bookings can be made via eUHL.