Register your systematic review in PROSPERO

PROSPERO is a “prospective register of systematic reviews”, that is, a register of protocols of systematic reviews currently being done.

If you are starting on a systematic review, search PROSPERO to check if anything similar is under way.  Search Medline and other databases too to check that nothing similar has already been published.

When you start your review, register it.   Register for an account on PROSPERO, and check your review is eligible for inclusion.   To be eligible, your protocol must be agreed, ideally you should not have started screening studies for inclusion (although you might still be eligible if you have not moved beyond data extraction).   Your review must have a health related outcome, and must not be complete.

There are guidance notes and more details here about eligibility.

Entries in PROSPERO show you full details of who is involved, how the review will be conducted, including search terms, inclusion and exclusion criteria, data synthesis and dissemination.  CRD assign subject headings to the record and that record has a URL that you can send to colleagues.

Involve your librarian in your review.  We can help.   If you want to do your own searching (or the review is being assessed and you have to), book a session with us for advice.   Or ask us to join the review team and do the searching and reference management (in return for an acknowledgement, or better still, co-authorship).   Our skills will make your review even better!


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