Where to publish your article?

Two publishers (at least) have their own tools to help you choose a journal to submit to.

Springer Nature’s Journal Suggester needs article title and some text, and a subject category.  You can search for journals with a particular impact factor, minimum acceptance rate and time to first decision.   You will get a list of suggested Springer, Nature or BioMed Central titles to consider.

I made up a title (about comprehensive geriatric assessment and the cardiac care unit) and very short abstract.

Selecting Medicine and Public Health as the subject, I got a list with geriatrics titles at numbers 1, 2, 7 and 10.   The remaining 6 titles did not look relevant, and none of the titles were cardiology journals.

Elsevier’s Journal Finder, choosing Life and health sciences, gave me a list with two geriatrics titles in it.   Most suggestions were critical care, with two orthopaedics.  Again none were cardiology.

But what if you don’t know which publisher you prefer?

JANE, the Journal/Author Name Estimator, from Erasmus Medical Center’s Biosemantics Group in Rotterdam, compares your text with articles in Medline (more about how it works).

My made up very short abstract worked better than the title, the list of suggestions including geriatrics titles, but only at numbers 1 and 8.   The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews was at 3, which of course would not accept a submission.

I then repeated my test with a published abstract (CONFLICT OF INTEREST ALERT – I get an acknowledgement in this paper!).   Springer’s top 3 were all geriatrics, as was number 10.  Four of Elsevier’s top five suggestions were geriatrics, although number 3 was forensic medicine.   JANE had the title that published this paper at number 1, but the abstract was presumably an exact match.    The second on the list was a generalist title, but a possibility.   The next geriatrics title was below the top 10.

JANE can also suggest authors and this seemed to find some people I’d associate with CGA, but not others.

So how useful are these tools?

Two of them assume you have chosen the publisher you need.

JANE might work better with longer texts.   It would be interesting to test it against actual articles that people want to submit for publication, and compare results with the author’s own thoughts about where they want to publish.

JANE cannot take your thoughts into account.  Who do I want to read my made up article?   Maybe not people involved in care of older people, but people working in cardiac care.   But if not many cardiology journals have published on CGA, would JANE suggest any?

How do you decide where to publish?   Have you used JANE or a publisher tool?

The Library can help you identify relevant journals to consider, and then can find instructions to authors.   Contact us if we can help.


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